Supreme 2024

🐾 Welcome to the pinnacle of sheepdog prowess, where skill, agility, and the timeless bond between human and canine are put to the ultimate test! It is with great excitement that we invite you to the 2024 Australian Sheepdog Championships, proudly hosting the electrifying Australia versus New Zealand Trans-Tasman Test. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Geelong Showgrounds, this prestigious event promises nine days of thrilling competition and camaraderie, from the 7th to the 15th of September 2024.

Prepare to be mesmerized as the finest sheepdogs from across the continent showcase their unmatched herding abilities, navigating intricate courses with precision and finesse. The Geelong Showgrounds will reverberate with the sound of whistles and the thundering paws of these remarkable four-legged athletes as they vie for supremacy in a series of gripping trials.

Highlighting this year’s festivities is the highly anticipated Trans-Tasman Test, where the best of Australia and New Zealand’s sheepdog talent clash in a battle of wits and strategy. Witness the intensity as national pride fuels each handler and their loyal companions, pushing the boundaries of teamwork and expertise to claim the coveted title.

But the Australian Sheepdog Championships are more than just a competition; they are a celebration of the enduring partnership between humans and dogs, steeped in tradition and mutual respect. From novice enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, all are welcome to join us in honoring this timeless bond and reveling in the extraordinary abilities of our beloved sheepdogs.

So mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable experience at the 2024 Australian Sheepdog Championships, where passion, skill, and the spirit of friendly rivalry converge for an event like no other. See you at the Geelong Showgrounds! 🐾

In September from the 7th-15th Victoria is hosting the Australian Supreme Sheepdog Trials at the Geelong Showgrounds where we will also welcome the New Zealand Team as we compete for the Wayleggo Cup. 

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History of the Supreme Australian Championships

When the Australian Sheepdog Workers Association (ASDWA) was formed in 1988, one of their objectives was to conduct its own annual championship trial. The inaugural Australian Sheep Dog Workers’ Association Supreme Championships were held in Deloraine in Tasmania in 1990.

There was much discussion over the naming of these Championships. It was not possible to call it the Australian Championship as this name was registered for use by a trial at Mudgee. In 1992 it became known as the Supreme Australian Championship.

It is very clear that the existence of an Australian body has given sponsors the confidence to provide support for sheep dog trialing in Australia. Popular dog food brands have been associated with the Supreme Australian Championships since its inauguration; however, since 2013 Dogpro (now Hypro Group) has been the major sponsor for the 2013, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Supreme Australian Championships having established a strong relationship with sheepdog trialling across the country. Hypro Group will continue their support for all Supremes hosted on mainland Australia.

In the early years there was considerable discussion as to whether the Supremes should be held in the same location and at the same time each year. Ultimately the decision was made to rotate the event amongst the states and to endeavour to hold it at a similar time each year. A set of rules and guidelines for the conduct of Supremes was adopted in 1996. These rules have been added to and amended over the years to the point where they are now quite comprehensive.

There has also been discussion on the Supreme course – in 1998 it was initially agreed that the Supreme course will be that of the host state. This decision was changed in 2004 when a Supreme course was adopted.

Whether novice dogs should compete in the Supreme has also been debated over the years. In March 1999 it was decided to allow workers to enter a maximum of two novice dogs in the Supreme; however, in October 1999 this decision was rescinded to prohibit Novice dogs from entering the Supreme in all states, with the exceptions Tasmania and W.A. In 2001 it was determined that, where there is a novice trial held at the same venue or at the same time as the Supreme, if a dog entered in that Novice breaks its status after closing date, it be allowed to compete in the Supreme upon payment of the additional entry fee, and that appropriate spaces will be allocated in the Supreme draw to accommodate these dogs. Today a competitor that does not own an open dog may work one novice dog in the Supreme in any State.